Spring memories with RCRT in Bangkok


The 59th Annual Conference of the Royal Thai College of Radiologists and the Radiological Society of Thailand was held in Bangkok, Thailand, from 9-12 FEB 2023.  As an annual exhibition set up by the Royal College of Radiology of Thailand, the 2023 RCRT, with the theme of "Redefining the Possibilities in Medical Imaging", attracted the participation of hundreds of insiders, including local radiologists, professionals and clients.

Based on the development of Thailand's medical industry in recent years, ANKE, as a proud leader of China's medical device industry, considers Thailand a market with great development potential and is honored to participate in RCRT 2023. We participated in the spirit of respecting radiation technology and experts, showcasing our latest products and technologies and discussing the latest technologies and achievements with participants.


ANKE's advanced high-pressure ejectors in particular attracted the attention of many visitors. It has a convenient touch control screen, at the same time has a one-button KVO function, real-time pressure curve display function and Syringe insulation function, which all reflect  ANKE's meticulous care for users.



In recent years, in order to meet the local medical institutions and people's demand for imported imaging products, ANKE actively carried out the work of the Thai market. We carried out a lot of market research, also optimize our service and product performance. In the conversation with partners in RCRT, they all have expressed their recognition of the work carried out by ANKE in the Thai market.


In the future, ANKE will also set up a branch office in Thailand to provide professional products and localized services for local medical institutions, help meet the health needs of local people, and contribute to the friendly development and cooperative trade between China and Southeast Asian countries.