Invitation letter of online ECR 2020


Unable to attend the face-to face exhibition? Don’t worry, ANKE will take you enjoy the virtual exhibition of ECR 2020.


Dear customers


Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, the traditional ECR exhibition on 11-14 of March had been cancelled and changed into online virtual exhibition on 15-19 of July.


However, for the consideration of the demands and safety of our loyal customers, ANKE had prepared an online exhibition and decided to deliver a new exhibition experience to all of you. You don’t have to go outside, just stay at your home or office, you can also join us and take comprehensive viewing experiences.


From 15th-19th of July, welcome to visit the website and register an account, find Shenzhen Anke high-tech Co., Ltd, to visit our online booth.

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Online Exhibition Viewing Instructions


#1  Go visit, find the “Virtual booth” tab on the top left corner of the page. Then please register as an audience, try find “Shenzhen Anke High-tech Co., Ltd” then fid our virtual booth.


Please type “Shenzhen Anke High-tech” as the key word to find ANKE’s ECR online booth.


#2  Once you find ANKE’s online booth, then you can start to experience the online exhibition show.

Company profile.png

We have 20 widgets which can provide different information or functions.


After you read our company profile and brief introduction on the content page, you can click the two widgets in the reception desk to get comprehensive product catalogue or click the widget on the map wall on the left side to get the company profile document.


On the big screen in the middle, you can view our company introduction video, also another two product videos.


On the right side, click the widget in the Clinical Imaging Center with audience seats, you can find the clinical images album, which showed our high-quality clinical images.


This time, in this virtual booth, we had almost exhibited all of our products, which included:


ANATOM S800 - the latest 256-slice CT with ultra-fast rotation speed and wide-body detector.

ANATOM Precision Platform (ANATOM 64 Precision, ANATOM 64 Clarity and ANATOM 16 HD) - Lower dose and lower consumption to get high quality images; world leading precision technology platform.

ANATOM Fit Platform (ANATOM 32 Fit and ANATOM 64 Fit) - The compact design CT, fit your space and cost.

SuperMark 1.5T - Perfect combination of over years’ experience and latest technology.

OPENMARK 5000 - New generation midfield MRI system; industrial leading technology.

OPENMARK III&4000 - C-shape permanent MRI system; compact structure, giant leap.

ASR-6850P - Floor-mounted DR system.

ASR-4000 - Digital mammography system.

DENTOM CBCT - High-end core components; lower dose, more secure.


For each product, you just need to click each widget located in different product item, you will find the detailed information.

Last but not least, please feel free to contact the Sales Manager – Mia Lee (Email:; Whatsapp: +86-13926580960) if you have further inquiries.