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ASA-610V Neurosurgery Navigation System


ASA-610V neurosurgery navigation system is a micro-invasive device used for neurosurgery and ENT surgery. It’s equipped with medical image workstation, high precision dynamic optical spatial positioning device and standard DICOM interface. It can realize pre-operation planning and spot leading in surgery. The minimum positioning deviation is 1mm.

Ø DELL high-end computer

Ø Flat LCD screen

Ø Image and data acquisition

Ø Optical positioning system

Ø Imported dynamic optical positioning system with original packaging, accuracy of 0.35mm(RMS), stable and reliable.

Ø Software of strong image processing function, high quality images, high speed calculation, Chinese interface.

Ø Small-sized flexible head stock tracking machine shortens pre-operation planning time.

Ø With particular positioning function and alarming function when out of position, it can avoid misguidance.

Ø Connectable with any type of microscopes

Ø Connectable with any type of ventriculoscopes

Ø Can be used in neurosurgery, E.N.T. surgery, and orthopedic surgery.