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Anke Attended the 2018 PCR Convention

  Source: Anke             Time: 2018-03-30 10:44:33

The 70thPhilippine College of Radiology 2018 annual convention had been held successfully at the Manila Marriott Hotel from February 15th to 17th,the capital city of Philippine. The Philippine College of Radiology(PCR) had been founded at 1948,with registered member of 1428 radiologist which is still increasing yeay on year, is currently the most recognized and influential professional academic medical association in the field radiology along Philippine national wide.This convention featuring the theme as Oncological Imaging: Eyes on the Big C,invited more then 20 top tier radiologists to present lectures and sharing insights towards this domain with all the attendees.

          Shenzhen Anke had been invited to participate in this annual convention and demonstrated the cutting-edge and recently released Accurate HD platform CT series and the third-generation superconducting MRI SuperMark 1.5T. The technology innovation and clinical value had been brought about to all Philippines radiologists by the Anke dedicated R&D capacity in the field of Medical imaging for more than 32 years up to now. All attending radiologists ahd been attracted to Shenzhen Anke Booth and actively raised many inquiries and interests towards experience of Anke and the relevant rich product portfolio,which left all of them a professional impression.              

        This is the second time for Shenzhen Anke to participate in the Philippines PCR convention. After nearly two years paving and growing in philippines,Anke acclaimed warm greeting and positive feedback from local radiologists and had gradually grown into a well-known brand in the local imaging market. The hospitals scattered along Philippines national widely which are equipped with Anke Imaging Devices had been deeply impressed by the pure image performance and convenient user-friendly operation flow.  Anke equipment helped local radiologists out to develop a pair of "sharp-sighted eyes" without letting any subtle lesions missing, which greatly improved the success rate of clinical diagnosis in that particular area.

Philippines is a developing country boasts a large population with huge medical service needs. However, aside from the NCR region, numerous rural islands and mountainous areas are still equipped with old-fashioned and simple functional medical facilities,which are far away from ordinary diagnostic needs of the public.In addition, the rate of medical imaging services are comparatively higher then other countries, therefore the coverage population are quite limited so far.

Shenzhen Anke as the outstanding representing medical imaging manufacture from china,would endeavor to provide tailor-made and the most efficient Medical imaging solutions to cater to Philippine profound imaging requirement with proven clinical performance,and make a consolidate contribution to Philippine medical service development with a rising strength ofChina Innovation



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